The Big Question Mark

A few from the BBC report a 100 things we didn't know last year...

3. Adding milk to tea negates the health-giving effects of a hot brew.

16. Chimpanzees make their own spears for hunting.

19. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez hosts a daily radio phone-in show.

24. The are 30,000 wild parakeets in London.

34. Kryptonite exists.

46. Peanuts can be made into diamonds.

50. Left-handed people are called sinistral.

55. Books used to be bound in human skin.

63. Cats can be police constables.

67. The brain can turn down its ability to see in order to listen to complex sounds like music.

See the website for more details, also a regularly updated version of things we did not know.

*Photo via Mark and Maria